Streamline Provider Payments with Emdeon SmartPay Solutions

Whether you manage a small or large health plan, payments processing and collections can be problematic. Consider that a full 90 percent of healthcare payments are still made via paper*. As a result, payers are wasting $1 billion annually on the manual payment and remittance process.

We understand how important reducing costs and improving efficiencies in the payment cycle is for the success of your health plan. That’s where Emdeon Smart Pay comes into play. Through advanced processing, Smart Pay identifies opportunities to reclaim wasted dollars by minimizing payment distribution expenses and maximizing payment choice.

Download the Case Study on the Future of Provider Payment Optimization to learn more.

Smart Pay Features & Benefits

Emdeon Smart Pay offers one of the most comprehensive set of healthcare payment solutions in the industry. The all-in-one platform provides technology and intelligent payment processing to determine the best payment channel for each payment. Solutions include Electronic Funds Transfer/ACH, Card Services, Total Settlement Services, Direct Payment, eEOB, Printing and Fulfillment and HP USA Postage Cooperative.

  • Simplified payment process offering a broad array of payment choices
    • Electronic payment options reduce print and mail costs
  • Postage and operational savings through the Healthpayers USA Postage Cooperative
  • Robust online self-service tools for performance management
  • EFT Mandate compliance goal support

Case Study